Current Needs

We are often asked about our current needs, so we will list needs as they come up on this page! If God touches your heart to help with one of these needs, please designate which one you would like to help toward, or contact us if you have extra of an item so we can arrange for shipping.

Personal Needs:                                                  
 Suspension work on van (approximate cost: $500)

Ministry Needs:                                        

Rechargeable Batteries (AA/AAA)                            
Ink for ministry printer (HP-950 black, HP-951 colors)      
Sunday school materials/visuals (new or used, especially for teens)      
Curriculum for ladies ministries
Communion plates                
Land for a building ($4-5/sq. ft.)   (We are looking at a piece of land that is 35,000 sq. ft. that would be ideal--and priced at "only $3/sq. ft")--we have $70,000 saved presently, but still need just over $30,000
Most recent update: May 18, 2019

Personal Involvement in Missions Letter

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