Our timeline

June--Accepted as missionaries with BIMI/Complete Year One Training with BIMI
July--First survey trip to Grenada

January--Began part-time deputation

June--Completed Year Two requirements for BIMI

August--Birth of Brielle Grace
September--Began full-time deputation


June--Completed final training requirements with BIMI


February--Second survey trip to Grenada

March--Reached 50% of support level

November--Reached 75% of support level
December--Birth of Ryan Joseph

January--Purchased plane tickets for Grenada
June--Send-off and ordination service
July--Left for Grenada
July--Began serving with Mamma Cannes Independent Baptist Church

March--Found a suitable meeting place for church

April--Planted Lifeline Independent Baptist Church in Grenville, Grenada

April--Established weekly soul-winning ministry

May--Began Youth Night weekly for teens
July--Started Children's Bible Club

September--First baptismal service (two young men)

November--Coco Chan joins ministry


March--Charter/first anniversary services with 11 charter members (and baptismal service, (two youth girls, one child))

April--first church business meeting (taking on first missionary, adopting constitution)

April--began weekly half night or full night of prayer on Pearls beach

May--began church choir/first three baby dedications

July--first Vacation Bible School, with 16 saved

August--third baptism (one youth boy)

November--fourth baptism (2 adults)

December--Two baby dedications

December--Birth of Noelle Faith


March--Began Lifeline Baptist Bible Institute

March--First revival services at church plant

April--Two baby dedications

July (tentative)--Beginning ladies ministry